Whispering Trees

Whispering Trees is a storytelling project conceived as public sound installation by Solange Kershaw and Damian Castaldi in conjunction with five local Blue Mountains writers and poets: 

Craig BillinghamEmma BrazilAmanda KayeVanessa Kirkpatrick and Mark O'Flynn and our project partner, Varuna, The Writers' House.

The project was supported by the Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust Cultural Grants Program 2014 and was installed in the gardens of Varuna on 16 - 17 May, 2015 as part of Sydney Writers Festival and Carrington Place, 22 May to 1 June, 2015 as a public sound installation along the walkway to the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

The name says it all, doesn't it? Visit the website to hear Whispering Trees ...

But picture this, if you will: You are strolling in the gardens of the beautiful writers' centre, Varuna House, or maybe outside the iconic Carrington Hotel, both in Katoomba, a town situated in the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia.

Maybe you are on your lunch hour, about to sit on a bench in the park, or perhaps you are a visitor to the Blue Mountains, enjoying the sites. After all, they are renowned for their spectacular views and bush walks, and it's a beautiful day.

As you walk past a tree, you hear a voice, music, sounds, and you pause to listen. It's a poem, it's a story. It's amusing, it's romantic, it's wistful, it's funny. It's sad. It's beautiful.

It's just for you. And when you walk on, the poem fades away. But no matter, there's another one around the corner ...